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Controls the various values that are related to floats in .LIT files which was believed just to be the sky positions. There is 18 rows corresponding to every ID so take the ID*18 to get the proper start ID to look at it and the next 17 rows after it go along with it as well

To get the right ID out from Light.dbc (skyParam, not the light ID itself!) you need to calculate it the following way: idLightIntBand = lightEntry.skyParam * 18 - 17

The reason is that DBCs always start with entry 1 and in computer fields you usually have 0 as primary index.

--Cromon 14:06, 27 February 2012 (UTC)

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The 18 rows should then correspond to the below as it was in the .lit files

Number 	Description 
0 		Global diffuse light 
1 		Global ambient light 
2 		Sky color 0 (top) 
3 		Sky color 1 (middle) 
4 		Sky color 2 (middle to horizon) 
5 		Sky color 3 (above horizon) 
6 		Sky color 4 (horizon) 
7 		Fog color / background mountains color. Affects color of weather effects as well.
8 	 	? 
9 		Sun color + sun halo color, specular lighting, sun rays
10 		Sun larger halo color  //  cloud color a1 (base)
11 	 	? // cloud color B (edge)
12 		Cloud color  // cloud color a2 (secondary base)
13 	 	? 
14 	 	Ocean color [light] // shallow ocean water
15 		Ocean color [dark]  // deep ocean water
16 		River color [light] // shallow river water
17 	 	River color [dark]  // deep river water


Column	Field 		Type 			Notes 
1 	ID 		Integer 	
2 	# of Entries 	Integer 		This is how many of the columns actually have data for this row (0 to 16) 
3-18 	Time Values 	Unsigned Integer	Time Values from 0 to 2880 where each number represents a half minute from midnight to midnight 
19-34 	Color Values 	Unsigned Integer	These are the actual values that correspond with the time value and are a BGRX color value