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WoW.Dev Wiki was formed July the 23'rd 2007 by Malu05 aka Mads Hagbarth Lund. It was first hosted at, then at and moved to in 2016.

The Wiki was formed to carry on the data collected on the many wiki sites that since World of Warcraft's release had come and gone.

With over 500 unique visits each day WoW.Dev wiki have become the main public WoW-data wiki, and that is thanks to all the people who since its release have contributed data and contentiously updated the wiki.

I owe great gratitude to all the people who have contributed to this wiki and people who have contributed to all the "now dead" wikis SourcePeek and we have gathered our initial data from.

Also the people from the original and current WoWModelviewer and WoWMapviewer projects and Schlumpf for his great effort on this wiki.

-- Mads Hagbarth Lund