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Vanilla … Cata

This file contains the tabs of the talents, which can be seen when opening the talents window in WoW.

struct TalentTabRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  langstringref name;
  uint32_t spell_icon;
  uint32_t race_mask;
  uint32_t class_mask;
  uint32_t order_index;
  stringref background_file;


Column	Field 				Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 				Integer 	
2-18 	name	 			String + Loc	
19 	SpellIcon 			Integer 	
20 	Races 				BitMask 	Only for characters.
21 	Classes 			BitMask 	Only for characters.
22 	CreatureFamily.categoryEnumID 	BitMask		Only for hunter pets.
23 	orderIndex 			Integer 	(TalentFrameBase.lua:MAX_TALENT_TABS = 5;)
24 	backgroundFile 			String 		(they're located in Interface\TALENTFRAME )