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This database contains information about the paper used for mails. When you recieve a mail, an ID out of this DBC is given the client to show a specific icon (auction house scroll) or a specific background (GM, world events). There will be support for choosing a personal one in the future (already implemented but not used) but its currently limited to the default one you already use when just writing a letter.

A stationery is not only an entry in this DBC but also an item like 8164, 9311 or 21140. Depending on this item, the letter can also get additional costs for sending. To send it, you will need the item in your inventory (as long as its not the default one being able to be sent without).


Column	Field 		Type		Notes 
1	ID		Integer	Again grouped: 0: Testing, 4: Standard, 6: Blizzard only / NPCs.
2	ItemID		Integer	Used for displaying an icon when you recieve a mail. This is also the item, the client checks for to enable you to use this stationery.
3	Texture	String		Defines the texture shown in the background.
4	Flags		Integer	&1: Default stationery - skips has-item checks, &2: Blizzard Stationery.,

struct StationeryRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_itemID;
  stringref m_texture;
  uint32_t m_flags;