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PreVanilla … Wrath

The client expects this DBC to have groups of 3 records grouped by m_soundType. Each group will have exactly one record of each of the valid m_soundSubtype values.

This section only applies to versions ≤ PreVanilla (

In the alpha, these groups are stored in a LIQUIDINFO struct. HandleWaterAmbiences controls what LIQUIDINFOs should be active and the LIQUIDINFOs themselves control what one of their three sounds plays. - 3.3.5a.12340

struct SoundWaterTypeRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_soundType;    // grouping key
  uint32_t m_soundSubtype; // valid values are 0, 4 or 8. client reads as (m_soundSubtype >> 2) & 3
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &SoundEntriesRec::m_ID> m_SoundID;


Column	Field 			Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 			Integer 	
2 	SoundType 		Integer 	Key for grouping records together
3 	SoundSubtype 		Integer 	Valid values are 0, 4, 8. Exactly one of each must be used in each group
4 	iRefID_SoundEntries 	Integer