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≤ Vanilla

This DBC is used to associate the voice slash commands to the appropriate sound clip based on race and gender.,

struct SoundCharacterMacroLinesRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_Category;
  uint32_t m_Sex;
  uint32_t m_Race;
  uint32_t m_SoundID;


Id Name Command Note
0x0 Help Me /v help
0x1 Incoming /v inc
0x2 Charge /v charge
0x3 Flee /v flee
0x4 Attack Target /v attack
0x5 Out Of Mana /v oom
0x6 Follow Me /v fol
0x7 Wait Here /v wait
0x8 Heal Me /v heal
0x9 Cheer /v cheer
0xA Open Fire /v fire
0xB Hello /v hello
0xC Goodbye /v goodbye, /v bye This and below added Vanilla
0xD Raspberry /v rasp
0xE Yes /v yes
0xF No /v no
0x10 Thank You /v thanks
0x11 You're Welcome /v welcome
0x12 Congratulations /v congrats, /v grats
0x13 Flirt /v flirt
0x14 Silly /v silly


Column	Field 			Type 
1 	ID 			Integer 	
2 	Unknown 		Integer 	
3 	gender 			Boolean 	
4 	iRefID_ChrRaces 	Integer 	
5 	iRefID_SoundEntries 	Integer