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They list different tables. The real content is in files called gtName.dbc. Not many of them exist in the archives. Far less than in here. As of 3.0.9 the clientside list is:

  • gtBarberShopCostBase
  • gtCombatRatings
  • gtChanceToMeleeCrit
  • gtChanceToMeleeCritBase
  • gtChanceToSpellCrit
  • gtChanceToSpellCritBase
  • gtNPCManaCostScaler
  • gtOCTRegenHP
  • gtOCTRegenMP
  • gtRegenHPPerSpt
  • gtRegenMPPerSpt

BC … WoD


Column	Field 		Type 		Notes 
1 	Name 		String 		how the DBC is called.
2 	numRows 	Integer 	
3 	numColumns 	Integer         I believe this defines the numbers of entries in the table, not columns. 
                                       1 entry has #numRows rows.

struct GameTablesRec {
  uint8_t padding_0[4];
  stringref m_name;
  uint32_t m_numRows;
  uint32_t m_numColumns;