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This section only applies to versions ≥ Cata.

This is storing really low resolution textures for use if the real file is not yet loaded or streamed. One per continent (e.g. Azeroth.tex) and some special ones (spell effects by class). Chunked structure. Internally called 'TextureBlob'.


While this is properly chunked, order is required.


uint32_t version; // As of 4.0.12479 and 0. Not checked by client.


struct SBlobTexture {
  uint32_t filenameOffset;
  uint32_t txmdOffset; // TXMD-chunk offset relative to end of TXFN-chunk.
  uint8_t sizex;
  uint8_t sizey; // special case: sizex = sizey * 6
  uint7_t m_numLevels; // mipmaps
  uint1_t loaded;
  uint4_t dxt_type; // 0  = Dxt1, 1 = Dxt3, 2 = Dxt5
  uint4_t flags; // 1 = if dxt_type = Dxt1, prefer Argb1555 over Rgb565, if Dxt1 unavailable
} entries[];


char filenames[]; // zero-terminated, no file ending


char textureData[]; // length depends on size, type and flags.

Can contain multiple mipmap levels for one texture. See UpdateBlobTexture() for unpacking.