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≥ Mists

struct CriteriaTreeRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_criteriaID;
  uint64_t m_amount;
  uint32_t m_operator;
  uint32_t m_parent;
  uint32_t m_flags;
  stringref m_description_lang;
  uint32_t m_orderIndex;
  uint8_t padding_0[4];


Value Description
0x0001 show progress bar
0x0002 override parent m_amount CGAchievementInfo::GetNumCriteriaShown
0x0004 progress is date
0x0008 show currency icon
0x0010 display toast CGAchievementInfo::CheckForCriteriaToast
0x0040 is faction specific CGAchievementInfo::GetNumCriteriaShown
0x0080 tracks child achievement criteria e.g. [Loremaster] CGAchievementInfo::GetNumCriteriaShown
0x0200 alliance only
0x0400 horde only
0x0800 show required count