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WDT files specify exactly which map tiles are present in a world, if any, and can also reference a "global" WMO. They have a chunked file structure.

MPHD chunk

Contains 8 32-bit integers.

uint32 flags;
uint32 something;
uint32 unused[6];

These are the only flags checked:

Flag 		Description
0x01 		Use global map object definition.
0x02		vertexBufferFormat = PNC. (adds color: ADT.MCNK.MCCV) with this flag every ADT in the map _must_ have MCCV chunk at least with default values, else only base texture layer is rendered on such ADTs.
0x04 		shader = 2. Decides whether to use _env terrain shaders or not: funky and if MCAL has 4096 instead of 2048(?)
0x08 		if enabled, the ADT's MCRF(m2 only)/MCRD chunks need to be sorted by size category
0x10		vertexBufferFormat = PNC2. (adds second color: ADT.MCNK.MCLV)
0x20 		Flips the ground display upside down to create a ceiling (Cataclysm)
0x40		??? (???)
0x80		shader = 6. Decides whether to influence alpha maps by _h+MTXP: (without with)
               (MoP+) -- also changes MCAL size to 4096 for uncompressed entries
0x100	(Legion+) -- implicitly sets 0x8000
0x8000	(Legion+) -- implicitly set for map ids 0, 1, 571, 870, 1116 (continents)

See a list here.

The second integer is not ignored but stores something too:

for( int i = 0; i < WDT_MPHD.something/8; i++ )
   WDT_MAIN[i].flags = 0;
   WDT_MAIN[i].somedata = 0;

The other bytes seem to be unused from what I can tell.

MAIN chunk

  • Map tile table. Needs to contain 64x64 = 4096 entries of sizeof(SMAreaInfo) ( 8 ) bytes each.
struct SMAreaInfo     // -> CMapAreaTableEntry
#if version < ?       // until they maps are split into adts
  uint32_t offset;
  uint32_t size;
#if version > ?       // beginning them being split into adts
  uint32_t Flag_HasADT : 1;
#if version ≥ Cata
  uint32_t Flag_AllWater : 1;
  uint32_t Flag_Loaded : 1;

  uint32_t asyncId;    // only set during runtime.

On Cataclysm, 2 on a tile displays "fake water" ingame. If only one "fake water tile" is activated, "fake water" will appear everywhere you don't have an ADT loaded. (seen on

MWMO, MODF chunks

For worlds with terrain, parsing ends here. If it has none, there is one MWMO and one MODF chunk here. The MODF chunk is limited to one entry. See the ADT format description for details.

MWMO chunk

  • A filename for one WMO (world map object) that appears in this map. A zero-terminated string. 0x100 is the maximum size for this chunk due to being copied into a stack allocated array (at least in MOP)! (including \0).

MODF chunk

  • Placement information for the global WMO. 64 bytes. Only one instance is possible.
Offset 	Type 		Description
0x00 	uint32 		ID -- unused, always uses MWMO's content instead
0x04 	uint32 		unique identifier for this instance -- unused, generates uid dynamically
0x08 	3 floats 	Position (X,Y,Z)
0x14 	3 floats 	Orientation (A,B,C)
0x20 	3 floats 	Upper Extents
0x2C 	3 floats 	Lower Extents
0x38 	uint16 		Flags
0x3A    uint16          Doodad set index
0x3C 	uint16 		Name set?
0x3E 	uint16 		Padding
struct SMMapObjDef // 03-29-2005 By ObscuR
/*000h*/  UINT32 nameId;		
/*004h*/  UINT32 uniqueId;		
/*008h*/  float pos[3];
/*014h*/  float rot[3];
/*020h*/  float extents[6];
/*038h*/  UINT16 flags;
/*03Ah*/  UINT16 doodadSetIndex;
/*03Ch*/  UINT16 nameSet;		
/*03Eh*/  UINT16 pad; 
  • How to compute a matrix to map WMO to world coordinates

Refer to MODF(ADT)

_occ, _lgt

This section only applies to versions ≥ WoD.

WoD added _occ.wdt (occlusion) and _lgt.wdt (lights) for each .wdt. They are only used for adt-maps, not WMO-only ones.


MAOI and MAOH might be zero size. (WMO-only WDTs)


  uint32_t version; // 18, just as all others
} mver;


  uint16_t tile_x; // MAOH entries are per ADT tile
  uint16_t tile_y;
  uint32_t offset; // in MAOH
  uint32_t size;   // always (17*17+16*16)*2
} maoi[];


unknown. blocks referenced from MAOI. Possibly shorts. either really huge or small values. possibly a 2d map for something.

short interleaved_map[17*17+16*16];


Might only have MVER for WMO-only WDTs. Level designers are able to freely place lights, without placing models containing lights now. This is used below lamp posts and alike. As of Legion, there is support for point and spot lights.


  uint32_t version; // 18, just as all others, 20 at some point in legion
} mver;


This section only applies to versions ≤ WoD.
  uint32 id;
  uint16 tile_x;
  uint16 tile_y;
  CArgb color;
  C3Vector position;
  float unknown[3]; // intensity, and stuff. flicker?
} map_point_lights[];
  • starting some Legion build, these are no longer read for backwards compatibility but MPL2 is required.

MPL2 (Legion+)

This section only applies to versions ≥ Legion.
  • appears to be either, not both MPLT and MPL2, or they need to have the same size.
  char _[0x34];
} map_point_lights[];
  • the only file I know having this (e3148cc88c7f2fcaebe99c53e5e5079e) has a size of 0x40 for MPL2, which does not match to what the client parses (0x34) --Schlumpf (talk) 03:18, 22 November 2015 (UTC)

MSLT (Legion+)

This section only applies to versions ≥ Legion.
  char _[0x34];
} map_spot_lights[];

MTEX (Legion+)

This section only applies to versions ≥ Legion.
uint32_t textureFileDataIds[];


This section only applies to versions ≥ Legion.
struct {
  char _1[0xc];
} map_lta[];