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Spells are arguably one of the most intricate systems in WoW, this page will hopefully explain some of the basics as well as going into how to parse tooltips or how to do some of the number crunching.

Relevant DB2s

Many DB2s are used when it comes to spell data, most are listed below with a small explanation on what they're for.

Table WoW.tools link Description
Spell Browse Hopefully exhaustive list of all spells in the game, has partial (aura) descriptions for tooltips
SpellAuraOptions Browse
SpellAuraRestrictions Browse
SpellCastingRequirements Browse
SpellCastTimes Browse
SpellCategories Browse
SpellCategory Browse
SpellClassOptions Browse
SpellCooldowns Browse
SpellDescriptionVariables Browse
SpellDuration Browse
SpellEffect Browse
SpellEffectAutoDescription Browse
SpellInterrupts Browse
SpellItemEnchantment Browse
SpellLabel Browse
SpellLearnSpell Browse
SpellMisc Browse
SpellName Browse Spell names
SpellPower Browse
SpellProcsPerMinute Browse
SpellProcsPerMinuteMod Browse
SpellRadius Browse
SpellRange Browse
SpellScaling Browse
SpellShapeShift Browse
SpellTargetRestrictions Browse
SpellXDescriptionVariables Browse







SpellVisual SpellVisualAnim SpellVisualAnimName SpellVisualColorEffect SpellVisualEffectName SpellVisualEvent SpellVisualKit SpellVisualKitAreaModel SpellVisualKitEffect SpellVisualKitModelAttach SpellVisualMissile SpellVisualPrecastTransitions SpellVisualScreenEffect SpellXSpellVisual