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A column marked as Loc is actually 17 columns with one column per language and a bitmask in the end.

There can be multiple languages filled in -- i.e. multi-language DBCs are possible.

Blizzard no longer uses multiple columns for Localization since Cataclysm. From there on, there just is one column with a string in the language given by the locale directory. This conserves space and prevents errors with missing locale data as present on a lot of modded servers, where a locale_i DBC is taken and edited, packed and distributed, therefore resulting in empty strings for all clients not using locale_i. In Cataclysm and up, there just will be wrong language strings.

Number of columns actually varies depending on client version. The information how to read a particular structure is given [[1]].

Column Field
0 enUS / enGB English / Great British
1 koKR Korean
2 frFR French
3 deDE German
4 zhCN Chinese
5 zhTW Taiwan
6 esES Spanish (Spain)
7 esMX Spanish (Mexican)
8 ruRU Russian
+16 BitMask that always follows output string data.

Russian was added in TBC, Portugese and Italian were added in WotLK

enum TextWowEnum
  enUS = 0,
  enGB = enUS,
  koKR = 1,
  frFR = 2,
  deDE = 3,
  enCN = 4,
  zhCN = enCN,
  enTW = 5,
  zhTW = enTW,
  esES = 6,
  esMX = 7,
  ruRU = 8,
  ptPT = 10,
  ptBR = ptPT,
  itIT = 11,