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Line 13: Line 13:
| AI_TriggerActionSet || <tt>23cc51f0</tt>
| AI_TriggerActionSet || <tt>23cc51f0</tt>
| AIAdvert ||
| AIBehaviorActionSet ||
| AIBehaviorNode || <tt>dfd6511c</tt>
| AIBehaviorNode || <tt>dfd6511c</tt>
Line 19: Line 23:
| AIBehaviorVariable || <tt>572f5128</tt>
| AIBehaviorVariable || <tt>572f5128</tt>
| AIBrainSkill ||
| AIBrainSkillSet || <tt>3368f012</tt>
| AIBrainSkillSet || <tt>3368f012</tt>
Line 151: Line 157:
| MapFloorLocAction || <tt>2b9c3f3c</tt>
| MapFloorLocAction || <tt>2b9c3f3c</tt>
| MapMarkupNode ||
| MapTransferLocations || <tt>66750ec4</tt>
| MapTransferLocations || <tt>66750ec4</tt>

Revision as of 01:40, 24 June 2021

There's currently no purpose to keeping this list up to date, but we can do it anyway, just for fun. Obviously, we can't ever get any of these tables unless Blizzard does something very stupid, but it's neat to have a glimpse of how things work behind the scenes. Note that some of these (like ConsoleScripts) are actually not server side but are available to the client in Internal or GM builds.

Table Name Table Hash Notes
AI_GroupAction fd4586ef
AI_GroupActionSet a35231b9
AI_RandomActions c1968000
AI_TriggerAction 31d291ca
AI_TriggerActionSet 23cc51f0
AIBehaviorNode dfd6511c
AIBehaviorResource cf906f1c
AIBehaviorVariable 572f5128
AIBrainSkillSet 3368f012
AICombatPositioning 5416e121
AreaShareInfo db9b9f56
AreaShareMapping 157db65f
AreaSharePartitionOverride e3008926
AreaTableBattlePetAdds 8a352cc8
AreaTrigger2DPolygon 9eae810d
AreaTriggerAction 9adcb4bd
AreaXAuras 188d5b96
AreaXDynamicCemeteries 46db311a
AuraCancellations ece46ef1
BattlePayDeliverable 286b61d9
BattlePayDisplayCard 31f706e5
BattlePayDisplayInfo 135ae7d8
BattlePayProduct ee8c19ce
BattlePayProductGroup 0e9e69bc
BattlePayProductXDeliverable a29ee9de
BattlePayShopEntry 89c3239f
Bolts 5b021b3d
Cfg_AccountCollections 0df443cf
Cfg_AccountCollections_Grps 20d8519d
Cfg_Battlegrps d9689032
Cfg_Databases 3e539ce0
Cfg_Realms fbf87240 client side for mobile
Cfg_Sites 35e67bcf
Cfg_TimeEventRegionGroup 3362f848
CharacterLoadoutActionBar 622428f2
CharacterLoadoutQuest f35a2a27
CharacterLoadoutSpell 7af7c565
CharacterTemplateData 2f05e774
CharacterTemplates 0b78ca65
CharacterTemplateSets 688f42e4
CharRestrictionXDeliverable df1eef93
CharStartQuest abc4b53b
ConsoleScripts 948b11f0 (internal clients)
Conversation 3d802b14
CovenantWeeklyRenownQuests 9735015f
CreatureLabel 6f771411
CreatureTaplistScaling 00c6ccb1
CreatureXTaplist d05825ad
CurrencyConversion e9d7071e
CurrencySource 60383aa0
DesignerContextForBI bfa2d819
DestructibleHitPoint 496a2e99
EncryptedRecord bcc6e737
FactionAdjust 4d3d1cdc
FootstepTerrain c5e842c7
GameEvents 5261b4b0
GameMilestoneHistory ed9a5d72
GarrSite 02b25509
Gossip cd5eac68
Herb 323346e0
InternalRecord df4c205a
ItemAppearanceModifier 4e78ca8c
ItemDeletionRule 1001bb00
ItemXItemGroup e7f5e1dc
JumpChargeParams b60047c0
KeystoneAffixGroupPicker 8f64af0f
KeystoneMap 828378b0
Label a4ef0592
Leather 7442e2fc
LevelBandedRewardEntry 352cde91
LevelRange a8393cc3
Lock_ 7460c6ef
MapFloor ec1718e1
MapFloorLocAction 2b9c3f3c
MapTransferLocations 66750ec4
MawPowerFilter 4ede7e71
MawPowerFilterXTag 2d78d3d1
MawPowerTag d925b6d4
MawPowerXTag 9d6f2d39
MovementForce b5f1bce5
NamedPoint 9108905e
OutfitAppearance 8a093dc8
OverflowMailer 6543c36b
PageText a29de9bc
PersonalizedLootAward 17821e82
PetScaling e79c457a
PetScalingNode ec0efc2d
PhaseGroup 2afc15be
PlayerChoice 6f548cf7
PlayerChoiceResponse 835a8dbd
PointsModifier 2e679af5 CurvePoints are the modified points
PointsModifierSet 42a27c3f
ProceduralObject 6cc5fd3e
ProceduralObjectInteractible 6df754b3
ProceduralResourceBudget f27ad91b
ProceduralResourceBudgetList aaab5252
ProcFilterSpellXLabel 38168ec1
ProgressiveEvent 192b224f
ProResBudgetListXProMapSpaConf 5d3f331b wat
PushLootData 3394eaa9
PvpSeasonReward d0af7a4f
QuestAreaTrigger 36ee61cd
QuestCompleteDisplaySpell 96070e40
QuestCompletionNpc 28c9bed0
QuestDictionarySeed 3f11671a
Questgiver 91473871
QuestgiverXQuest c5cc14dc
QuestObjectiveCompletionEffect dda7b80b
QuestObjectiveXEffect bf745089
QuestPackage 483b4457
QuestPool c981be0b
RandomText b8a19f91
Rock f1164d1f
ScalingTreasureDrop e8040909
Scene 42e83567
SceneEvent a7c13b26
SceneScriptOld dc4f8455
SceneScriptOldText d86a6397
ScheduledOverride ec25fb4d
ScheduledOverrideWorldState 3fd7df84
SkySceneCondition 4f7f215c
SpawnEvent d1ca6d63
SpawnGroup 0dc06f87
SpawnLoc d70eb9a8
SpawnObject d5eb6012
SpawnPathNode 82b26bac
SpawnRegion a86df468
SpawnSquad d5892c68
SpawnTracking e09d7f52
SpawnTrackingAction 1729f6b6
SpawnTrackingState c98b5383
Speaker 95bc1c33
SpeakerXDisplayInfo f9cb11da
SpellClass 467f6ba6
SpellDiminish dc886e69
SpellExclusiveCategory 8c905f65
SpellHealPrediction aa83879c
SpellOverrideNameGroup 950b79c8
SpellSandboxScaling b5f38788
SpellScript 4553e9f7 shipped very stripped down
SpellScriptPackage 457a0e53
SpellScriptText 12a212a9 shipped very stripped down
SpellTargetFilter e0131803
SpellTargetFilterRule 20d31245
SpellVisualMissileSet 81c8b7be
SpellXDifficulty a928450c
StringID 8b08c66d
TACTEncryption d4ba5e60
TimeEvent aa71e709
TimeEventData d055d7b5
TrainerList 740498d6
TrainerServicesList 3f839226
TrainerServicesV2 cd7c1102
TrainerV2 7de09bc4
TransformType 3a49b8e5
Treasure 589a6f58 client side for mobile
TreasureItem 6b9c91f7
TreasurePicker b13829c4
VehicleModelData 349fe201
VendorItem ae838b2e
VendorList 234f5935
VendorListMap 64e860f2
WeatherSystem 852b69af
WeatherSystemEntry 44fa6d93
WeeklyRewardChest ac52f36e
WorldStateAction e426809e
WorldStateActionSet 34d8a60c
WowStaticSchemas f5ad50eb ID = majorminorpatch