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This table holds information about events (PvP and PvE) that take place in the map and get displayed on the top in the interface. A world state consist of an ID and a value. The state 2556 for example tells, how many towers in Zangarmarsh the Horde captured. All strings can have "%*w" references to worldstates. Medivhs shield in CoT is "Medivhs shield: %2540w%" resulting in "Medivhs shield: 50%". There is sadly no table for all worldstates, so you may not find some of them which are used somewhere, but nowhere referenced.


Column Field Type Notes
1 ID Integer
2 Map iRefID On which map this event takes place. Can be -1 to show up everywhere.
3 Zone iRefID In which sub-zone. Can be zero for "everywhere".
4 PhaseShift Integer Only set (128) for the DeathKnightStartEvent. (WotLK) Used for phase states.
5 Icon String The icon that is used in the interface.
6-22 Text Loc The text displayed in the UI.
23-39 Description Loc A little mouse-over-description.
40 RealState? Integer -1 for "states" that appear on battleground statistics. ("Captured flags", ...) -- removed in cata?
41 WorldState Integer This is the actual ID used.
42 Type Integer Only 3 different values: 0,1 and 2. 2 is not shown in the UI.
43 dynamicIcon String Only set for warsong-gulch-flags.
44-60 dynamicTooltip Loc Again, set for the flags. "Flag is picked up".
61 extendedUI String If set, then its "CAPTUREPOINT". Used for points that need to be tapped over time. (Progress: *%)
62 extendedUIStateVariable Integer This worldstate tells how far the captureing proceeded. 100: Alliance / left, 0: Horde / right
63 extendedUIStateVariableNeutral Integer This state defines the grey part of the bar. In percent of the whole bar.
64 extendedUIStateVariable Null Most likely another state to handle some data.

--schlumpf_ 08:41, 8 July 2009 (CEST)

struct WorldStateUIRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_mapID;
  uint32_t m_areaID;
  uint32_t m_phaseUseFlags;
  uint32_t m_phaseID;
  uint32_t m_phaseGroupID;
  stringref m_icon;
  stringref m_string_lang;
  stringref m_tooltip_lang;
  uint32_t m_stateVariable;
  uint32_t m_type;
  stringref m_dynamicIcon;
  stringref m_dynamicTooltip_lang;
  stringref m_extendedUI;
  uint32_t m_extendedUIStateVariable[3];