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This is used for displaying the world map UI. Some zones (like draenei and boold elves starting zones in the current data files) are physically stored in a map (ADT, Expansion01) different from the map where they are shown on the world map UI (Azeroth / Kalimdor). Therefore in order to display zones, and likely player positions, correctly on the world map UI (global continent maps), their coordinates must be mapped from physical map to virtual map (add x and y offsets from this dbc to their position and then you can transform coordinates to display it on new map). When a virtual map is identified in WorldMapArea.dbc the data for transforming coordinates between the two maps is found here in WorldMapTransforms.dbc. - From Source Peek Wiki

≥ BC


Column 	Field 			Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 			Integer 	
2	iRefID_mapID		Integer		Source map
3 	regionMinX 		Float 		X1 | upper left corner
4 	regionMinY 		Float 		Y1 | upper left corner
5 	regionMaxX 		Float 		X2 | lower right corner
6 	regionMaxY 		Float 		Y2 | lower right corner
7 	iRefID_newMapID		Integer		Destination map	
8 	regionOffsetX 		Float 	
9 	regionOffsetY 		Float 	
cata	newDungeonMapID		Integer

struct WorldMapTransformsRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_mapID;
  float m_regionMin[3];
  float m_regionMax[3];
  uint32_t m_newMapID;
  float m_regionOffset[2];
  uint32_t m_newDungeonMapID;
  uint32_t m_flags;
  uint32_t m_newAreaID;
  float m_regionScale;