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This defines textures, scale, models and some other things that are used for showing creatures.


Column Field Type Notes
1 ID Integer
2 Model iRefID A model to be used.
3 Sound iRefID Not set for that much models. Can also be set in CreatureModelData.
4 ExtraDisplayInformation iRefID If this display-id is a NPC wearing things that are described in there.
5 Scale Float Default scale, if not set by server. 1 is the normal size.
6 Opacity Integer 0 (transparent) to 255 (opaque).
7 Skin1 String Skins that are used in the model.
8 Skin2 String See this for information when they are used.
9 Skin3 String
10 portraitTextureName String Holding an icon like INV_Misc_Food_59. Only on a few.
cata sizeClass Integer
11 bloodLevel iRefID If 0, this is read from CreatureModelData. (CGUnit::RefreshDataPointers)
12 blood iRefID
13 NPCSounds iRefID Sounds used when interacting with the NPC.
14 Particles iRefID Values are 0 and >281. Wherever they are used ..
15 creatureGeosetData Integer With this one, you can select an geoset out of the first 8 groups. 0x00200000 will select geoset 2 out of group 600 and therefore 602.
16 objectEffectPackageID iRefID Set for gyrocopters, catapults, rocketmounts and siegevehicles. (WotLK)
cata animReplacementSetID Integer

struct CreatureDisplayInfoRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &CreatureModelDataRec::m_ID> m_modelID;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &CreatureSoundDataRec::m_ID> m_soundID;                              // if not found, resolve via CreatureModelDataRec::m_soundID
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &CreatureDisplayInfoExtraRec::m_ID> m_extendedDisplayInfoID;
  float m_creatureModelScale;
  uint32_t m_creatureModelAlpha;
  stringref m_textureVariation[3];
  stringref m_portraitTextureName;
  uint32_t m_portraitCreatureDisplayInfoID;
  uint32_t m_sizeClass;
  uint32_t m_bloodID;
  uint32_t m_NPCSoundID;
  uint32_t m_particleColorID;
  uint32_t m_creatureGeosetData;
  uint32_t m_objectEffectPackageID;
  uint32_t m_animReplacementSetID;
  uint32_t m_flags;
  uint32_t m_gender;
  uint32_t m_stateSpellVisualKitID;