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  struct AchievementEntry // sizeof(0x38)
  struct AchievementEntry // sizeof(0x38)

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Achievement names and descriptions. Referenced from the criterias. This file has been added with WoW



Column Field Type Notes
1 ID Integer
2 Faction Integer -1: both, 0: Horde or 1: Alliance
3 Map iRefID Only set if achievement is related to a zone.
4 Previous iRefID If the Achievement belongs to a series, this is the ID of the previous one. 0 otherwise.
5-21 Name Loc
22-38 Description Loc If Description is empty, it's not an Achievement but part of the statistics tab
39 Category iRefID
40 Points Integer 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,50
41 OrderInGroup Integer 0-111
42 Flags Integer 0-768, if it's 256 only one person per Realm can reach that achievement and if it's 768 it's only reachable for one raid per realm. Perhaps a second category?
43 SpellIcon iRefID An icon to display.
44-60 Reward Loc
61 Demands Integer Number of things you have to get/fulfill to get this Achievement. For example if you have to get 25 tabards, there is a 25. TrinityCore: "need this count of completed criterias (own or referenced achievement criterias)"
62 ReferencedAchievemnt iRefID TrinityCore: "referenced achievement (counting of all completed criterias)"



struct AchievementEntry // sizeof(0x38)
   m_ID; // +0x0, size 0x4, type 0
   m_faction; // +0x4, size 0x4, type 0
   m_instance_id; // +0x8, size 0x4, type 0
   m_supercedes; // +0xC, size 0x4, type 0
   m_title_lang; // +0x10, size 0x4, type 2
   m_description_lang; // +0x14, size 0x4, type 2
   m_category; // +0x18, size 0x4, type 0
   m_points; // +0x1C, size 0x4, type 0
   m_ui_order; // +0x20, size 0x4, type 0
   m_flags; // +0x24, size 0x4, type 0
   m_iconID; // +0x28, size 0x4, type 0
   m_reward_lang; // +0x2C, size 0x4, type 2
   m_minimum_criteria; // +0x30, size 0x4, type 0
   m_shares_criteria; // +0x34, size 0x4, type 0




struct AchievementRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_faction;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &MapRec::m_ID> m_instance_id;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &AchievementRec::m_ID> m_supercedes;
  stringref m_title_lang;
  stringref m_description_lang;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &Achievement_CategoryRec::m_ID> m_category;
  uint32_t m_points;
  uint32_t m_ui_order;
  uint32_t m_flags;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &SpellIconRec::m_ID> m_iconID;
  stringref m_reward_lang;
  uint32_t m_minimum_criteria;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &AchievementRec::m_ID> m_shares_criteria;
  uint32_t m_criteria_tree;