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Data Storage & Archives

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
StormLib ≤ Cata C++ Yes Unknown
CrystalMpq ≤ Cata C#/.NET Yes No CrystalMpq is a MPQ reading library written in C#.
CascLib ≥ WoD C++ Yes Yes An open-source implementation of library for reading CASC storage from Blizzard games since 2014
CascLib ≥ WoD C++ Yes Yes CascLib is C++ library that allows you to access files from a CASC library from any Blizzard game. It aims for a modern C++14 design, being header-only, and leveraging standard C++ features like streams.
CASCExplorer ≥ WoD C#/.NET Yes Yes
DBFilesClient.NET ≥ Vanilla C#/.NET Yes Yes DBFilesClient.NET is a blazing-fast C# library for reading DBC and DB2 files, from Vanilla to Legion. Allows for complex reads by inheriting specific exposed types, allowing the user to define relations between files, or even as far as linking to an entry in CASC.
libwarcraft ≤ Wrath C#/.NET Yes Yes Managed library for interacting with all Blizzard file formats up to and including Wrath of the Lich King. Supports reading MPQ archives with write support in the works.
mwtMPQ ≤ Vanilla Java Yes No As part of the Taliis Toolchain there is a basic MPQ lib written in Java.
erorus/casc ≥ Legion PHP Yes Yes Command-line CASC client designed for speed and efficiency. Developed on a Linux platform, but likely usable in Windows.

Data Handling

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
WebWoWViewer Wrath JavaScript Yes Yes An attempt to recreate old WoWMapViewer application from scratch and entirely in js
wowmapper Wrath, Cata C++ Yes No
meshReader Cata C#/.NET Yes No
BananaMpq Cata? C#/.NET Yes No Extracting WoW's geometry data reliably
WoWMap WoD C#/.NET Yes Unknown
Neo Wrath, WoD C#/.NET Yes No A WoW Development Suite aimed to provide wide world and data editing functionality in one cross-platform application.
Neo (fork) Wrath, WoD C#/.NET Yes No A WoW Development Suite aimed to provide wide world and data editing functionality in one cross-platform application.
Noggit3 Wrath C++ Yes Yes map editor
Taliis ≤ BC Java Yes No map and advanced dbc editor
Blender WMO import/export scripts Wrath? Python 3 (Blender API) Yes No Script addon for Blender featuring World of Warcraft World Model Object (WMO) import/export. This branch is discontinued in favor of WoW Blender Studio.
pywowlib Wrath, Legion,


Python 3.5+ Yes Yes pywowlib is a Python 3.5+ libary featuring the functionality of reading and writing various World of Warcraft related file formats. The goal of the library is to initially target 3 WoW versions: 3.3.5a, 7.3.5, retail. In the future, it may target other core expansion versions: 1.12, 2.4.3, 4.3.4, 5.4.8, 6.2.4
Everlook ≤ Wrath C#/.NET Yes Yes World of Warcraft Model Viewer clone, based on libwarcraft and implemented using GTK3. Aims for full cross-platform support, and to provide a smoother workflow than WMV.
gnome-blp-thumbnailer ≤ Wrath C#/.NET Yes Yes Thumbnail generator for BLP files for the GNOME desktop environment.
blizzard-mime-types ≤ Wrath Shell/XML Yes Yes MIME type definitions for most Blizzard file formats. Works out of the box with practically all *nix operating systems.
WDBX Editor ≤ Legion C#/.NET Yes Yes A DBC/DB2/Cache editor designed to work for all client versions. Includes a wide range of tools for various DB related tasks.
erorus/db2 Legion PHP Yes Yes DB2 Reader library written in PHP, using unit tests and code coverage. Auto-detects field formats. Supports WDB6, ADB, Hotfix.tbl, embedded strings, nonzero block, etc.
WoW Model Viewer Legion C++ Yes Yes Well known WoW Model Viewer, currently under active development, supporting data viewing and exporting including Legion. Community forum available here
WoW DBC Parser Vanilla BC Wrath PHP Yes Yes A unit-tested parser for all DBC files contained in WoW up to version 3.3.5. Has been developed with DBCs from 1.0 up to 1.12.2.

Client & Memory

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
WoWAddin Wrath C++ Yes No
IceFlake Wrath C#/.NET Yes No
TheNoobBot MistsWoDLegion C#/.NET Yes No
cleanCore Cata C#/.NET Yes No cleanCore is an C# interface to the WoW Game
WowMoPObjMgrTest Mists C#/.NET Yes No

Network & Emulators

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
CMaNGOS Vanilla … Wrath C++ Yes Yes
DuratorEmu Vanilla Python Yes No Tiny sandbox for, written in Python, which tries to remain small, clean and understandable.
idewave-core BC Python Yes Yes Sandbox for 2.4.3, written in Python + SQLAlchemy, created as simple as possible for simplify the process of making incredible things. Currently in progress.
alpha-core PreVanilla Python Yes Yes Experimental emulator, aimed to be the first playable 0.5.3 core for historical preservation purposes. Currently in development, join our discussions here!
Ember Vanilla C++ Yes Yes Ember is an educational server emulation project targeting the WoW 1.12.1 protocol, striving to be a modular and robust architecture.
Shadowburn Project Vanilla Elixir Yes Yes
Skyfire Mists C++ Yes Yes Derivative core based on TrinityCore that aims for a robust and working emulator with functionality.
TrinityCore Wrath, Legion C++ Yes Yes
AzerothCore Wrath C++ Yes Yes 3.3.5a Emulator with a focus on gameplay, blizzlike authenticity, stability and easy custom modifications (modular).
WCell Wrath C#/.NET Yes No World of Warcraft emulator written in C#/.NET 4.0, with design and extensibility in mind.
WoWCore Vanilla … Wrath Pascal Yes No
AIO Sandbox PreVanilla … Cata C#/.NET Yes Yes A lightweight sandbox for all client versions (0.5.3 to 4.0.0).
MaNGOS Vanilla … Cata C++ Yes Yes MaNGOS is an educational project made by volunteers. Discord server and forums are available at


Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
liblistfile ≤ Wrath C#/.NET Yes Yes Library for generating and optimizing listfiles.
listtools ≤ Wrath C#/.NET Yes Yes CLI tool implementing the functionality of liblistfile. Useful for mitigating the widespread incorrect casing in Blizzard archives - the tool learns as it goes and is corrected by the user, and uses this to better predict the correct casing for future files and folders. Can also generate new listfiles from scratch.
ADTConvert Wrath C#/.NET Yes Yes The ADTConverter can convert the World of Warcraft ADT Format form LK(3.3.5) to WoD(6.x.x).