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| [https://github.com/skarnproject/Blender-WMO-import-export-scripts Blender WMO import/export scripts]
| [https://github.com/skarnproject/Blender-WMO-import-export-scripts Blender WMO import/export scripts]
| {{Template:Sandbox/VersionRange|min_expansionlevel=3}}
| {{Template:Sandbox/VersionRange|expansionlevel=3}}
| Python (Blender API)
| Python (Blender API)
| {{Yes}}
| {{Yes}}

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Data Storage & Archives

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
StormLib ≤ Cata C++ Yes Unknown
CrystalMpq ≤ Cata C#/.NET Yes No CrystalMpq is a MPQ reading library written in C#.
CascLib ≥ WoD C++ Yes Yes An open-source implementation of library for reading CASC storage from Blizzard games since 2014
CascLib ≥ WoD C++ Yes Yes CascLib is C++ library that allows you to access files from a CASC library from any Blizzard game. It aims for a modern C++14 design, being header-only, and leveraging standard C++ features like streams.
CASCExplorer ≥ WoD C#/.NET Yes Yes

Data Handling

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
WebWoWViewer Wrath JavaScript Yes Yes An attempt to recreate old WoWMapViewer application from scratch and entirely in js
wowmapper Wrath, Cata C++ Yes No
meshReader Cata C#/.NET Yes No
BananaMpq Cata? C#/.NET Yes No Extracting WoW's geometry data reliably
WoWMap WoD C#/.NET Yes Unknown
Neo/WoWEditor Wrath, WoD C#/.NET Yes Yes A WoW Development Suite
Noggit3 Wrath C++ Yes Unknown map editor
W3DT Live, PTR, Beta C#/.NET Yes Yes 3D Toolkit for World of Warcraft aimed at machinima creators.
WoWFormatTest ≥ WoD C#/.NET Yes Yes
Blender WMO import/export scripts
ERROR: give at least one of min_expansionlevel, min_build, max_expansionlevel and max_build, as well as optionally min_exclusive or max_exclusive to trigger </> instead of ≤/≥ 
Python (Blender API) Yes Yes Script addon for Blender featuring World of Warcraft World Model Object (WMO) import/export.

Client & Memory

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
WoWAddin Wrath C++ Yes No
IceFlake Wrath C#/.NET Yes No
cleanCore Cata C#/.NET Yes No cleanCore is an C# interface to the WoW Game
WowMoPObjMgrTest Mists C#/.NET Yes No

Network & Emulators

Name WoW Version Language Open Source In development Description
CMaNGOS Vanilla … Wrath C++ Yes Yes
DuratorEmu Vanilla Python Yes Yes Tiny sandbox for, written in Python, which tries to remain small, clean and understandable.
Ember Vanilla C++ Yes Yes Ember is an educational server emulation project targeting the WoW 1.12.1 protocol, striving to be a modular and robust architecture.
Skyfire Mists C++ Yes Yes Derivative core based on TrinityCore that aims for a robust and working emulator with functionality.
TrinityCore Wrath, WoD C++ Yes Yes
WCell Wrath C#/.NET Yes No World of Warcraft emulator written in C#/.NET 4.0, with design and extensibility in mind.
WoWCore Vanilla … Wrath Pascal Yes Unknown


Name WoW Version Description
ADTGrid WoD … Legion
Minimaps WoD … Legion