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This site contains information about the alphafiles

For information added on 2012-03-24 : files I looked at come from build 3368 (Mjollnà).


In the Alpha the ADTs and the WDT were just one big file with this structure :


See the new files.


struct SMMapHeader
  uint32_t nDoodadNames;
  uint32_t offsDoodadNames;   // MDNM
  uint32_t nMapObjNames;
  uint32_t offsMapObjNames;   // MONM
  uint8_t pad[112];


  • Map tile table. Needs to contain 64x64 = 4096 entries of sizeof(SMAreaInfo)
struct SMAreaInfo
  uint32_t offset;     // absolute offset MHDR
  uint32_t size;       // offset relative to MHDR start (so value can also be read as : all ADT chunks total size from MHDR to first MCNK) MCNK
  uint32_t flags;    // FLAG_LOADED = 0x1 is the only flag, set at runtime
    uint8_t pad[4];
    uint32_t asyncId; // set at runtime


Filenames Doodads.


Filenames WMOS.

MODF (optional)

See the new files. Unique and at the end of the file for WMO based maps, which contain no ADT parts. First entry looks like a dummy one (2nd int32 is all 0xff, rest of entry is full of 0x0). Total 2 entries counting the dummy one.

RazorfenDowns is "hybrid", it contains both WDT-part optional MODF with the dummy entry, and a MODF for each of its ADTs.


The start of what is now the ADT files.

struct SMAreaHeader
  uint32_t offsInfo;    // MCIN
  uint32_t offsTex;     // MTEX
  uint32_t sizeTex;
  uint32_t offsDoo;     // MDDF
  uint32_t sizeDoo;
  uint32_t offsMob;     // MODF
  uint32_t sizeMob;
  uint8_t pad[36];


256 Entries, so a 16*16 Chunkmap. See the new files.


See the new files.


See the new files.

MODF (in ADT part)

See the new files.


The header is 128 bytes like later versions, but information inside is placed slightly differently. Offsets are relative to the end of MCNK header.

struct SMChunk
  uint32_t flags;                     // See SMChunkFlags
  uint32_t indexX;
  uint32_t indexY;
  float radius;
  uint32_t nLayers;
  uint32_t nDoodadRefs;
  uint32_t offsHeight;                // MCVT
  uint32_t offsNormal;                // MCNR
  uint32_t offsLayer;                 // MCLY
  uint32_t offsRefs;                  // MCRF
  uint32_t offsAlpha;                 // MCAL
  uint32_t sizeAlpha;
  uint32_t offsShadow;                // MCSH
  uint32_t sizeShadow;
  uint32_t areaid;
  uint32_t nMapObjRefs;
  uint16_t holes;
  uint16_t pad0;
  uint16_t predTex[8];
  uint8_t noEffectDoodad[8];
  uint32_t offsSndEmitters;           // MCSE
  uint32_t nSndEmitters;
  uint32_t offsLiquid;                // MLIQ
  uint8_t pad1[24];
enum SMChunkFlags
  FLAG_SHADOW = 0x1,
  FLAG_IMPASS = 0x2,
  FLAG_LQ_RIVER = 0x4,
  FLAG_LQ_OCEAN = 0x8,
  FLAG_LQ_MAGMA = 0x10,

(MCVT) sub-chunk

No chunk name and no size.

It's composed of the usual 145 floats, but their order is different : alpha vertices are not interleaved... Which means there are all outer vertices first (all 81), then all inner vertices (all 64) in MCVT (and not 9-8-9-8 etc.). Unlike 3.x format, MCVT have absolute height values (no height relative to MCNK header 0x70).

(MCNR) sub-chunk

No chunk name and no size.

Same as 3.x format, except values order which is like alpha MCVT : all outer values first, then all inner ones.

struct SMNormal
  uint8_t n[145][3];
  uint8_t pad[13];

MCLY sub-chunk

See the new files.

struct SMLayer
  uint32_t textureId;
  uint32_t props;
  uint32_t offsAlpha;
  uint16_t effectId;
  uint8_t pad[2];

MCRF sub-chunk

Since there are no MMDX/MWMO MMID/MWID in alpha ADT, MCRF entries directly point to index in MDNM and MONM chunks.

(MCSH) sub-chunk

No chunk name and no size.

See the new files.

(MCAL) sub-chunk

No chunk name and no size.

See the new files.

(MCLQ) sub-chunk

No chunk name and no size.

See the new files.

(MCSE) sub-chunk

No chunk name and no size.

struct CWSoundEmitter
  uint32_t soundPointID;
  uint32_t soundNameID;
  C3Vector pos;
  float minDistance;
  float maxDistance;
  float cutoffDistance;
  uint32_t startTime;
  uint32_t endTime;
  uint32_t mode;
  uint32_t groupSilenceMin;
  uint32_t groupSilenceMax;
  uint32_t playInstancesMin;
  uint32_t playInstancesMax;
  uint32_t loopCountMin;
  uint32_t loopCountMax;
  uint32_t interSoundGapMin;
  uint32_t interSoundGapMax;


The old Model-Format, it's a lightly modified WC3-Modelformat. ChunkedStructure

'MDLX' Identifier(no chunk size!)

'VERS' 0x514 Version Chunk


  • char Name[80];
  • char AnimationFileName[260];
  • float BoundsRadius;
  • Vector3D MinimumExtent;
  • Vector3D MaximumExtent;
  • int BlendTime;
  • char unk;//oO


  • int nSequences;

array[nSequences] of:

  • char Name[80];
  • int IntervalStart;
  • int IntervalEnd;
  • float MoveSpeed;//only for animations were you move
  • int Flags; //0 - Looping 1 - NonLooping
  • Vector3D MinimumExtent;
  • Vector3D MaximumExtent;
  • float Rarity;//?
  • int SyncPoint;//?
  • float BoundsRadius;//?
  • int unknown;//?
  • int PlaybackSpeed;//?


  • int GlobalSequence;


  • int nMaterials;
  • int unk;

array[nMaterials] of:

  • int InclusiveSize;
  • int PriorityPlane;
  • int Flags;
  • int InclusiveSize2;
  • int FilterMode;
  • int ShadingFlags;
  • int TextureId;
  • int TextureAnimationId;
  • int CoordId;
  • float Alpha;

'TEXS' array of:

  • int ReplaceableId;
  • char FileName[260] ;
  • int Flags


  • int nGeos;
  • int unk;

array[nGeos] of:

  • char vert[4];//'VRTX'
  • int NrOfVertexPositions;
  • Vector3D vpos[NrOfVertexPositions];
  • char norm[4];//'NRMS'
  • int NrOfVertexNormals;
  • Vector3D vnorm[NrOfVertexNormals];
  • char uvas[4];//'UVAS'
  • int NrOfTextureVertexGroups;
  • Vector2D unk[NrOfVertexNormals];
  • char ptyp[4];//'PTYP'
  • int NrOfFaceTypeGroups;
  • char FaceType[NrOfFaceTypeGroups];
  • char pcnt[4];//'PCNT'
  • int NrOfFaceGroups;
  • int NrOfIndexes[NrOfFaceGroups];
  • char pvtx[4];//'PVTX'
  • int TotalNrOfIndexes;

local int TotalNrOfFaces = TotalNrOfIndexes / 3;

  • Triangle Face[TotalNrOfFaces] ;
  • char gndx[4];//'GNDX'
  • int NrOfVertexGroups;
  • byte MatrixGroup[NrOfVertexGroups];
  • char mtgc[4];//'MTGC'
  • int NrOfMatrixGroups;
  • int MatrixGroupSize[NrOfMatrixGroups];
  • char mats[4];//'MATS'
  • int NrOfMatrixIndexes;
  • int MatrixIndex[NrOfMatrixIndexes];
  • char bidx[4];//'BIDX'
  • int nBidx;
  • int Bidx[nBidx];
  • char bwgt[4];
  • int nBwgt;//'BWGT'
  • float Bwgt[nBwgt];
  • int MaterialId;
  • int SelectionGroup;
  • int SelectionFlags;
  • float BoundsRadius;
  • Vector3D MinimumExtent;
  • Vector3D MaximumExtent;
  • int NrOfExtents;
  • Vector6D Extent[NrOfExtents];
  • float unk_[15];


'KGRT' Animated geoset rotation


'KGSC' Animated geoset scaling