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Welcome to the WoWDev wiki, incarnation 3. Thanks to Malu05 for hosting the past two at and!

Many files of WoW change in new revisions of the client. Some information may thus be out of date or newer than the version you want. Please note that most information is for WotLK/3.3.5a/12340 or WoD/6.0.1/18179. Also see Common_Types for a list of types commonly used in the documentation.

If you add new infomations to our wiki please keep in mind to always take care to also write down your revisions info!

Feedback wanted on DBC documentation changes! Read more here!

File formats

Terrain ADT/v18, ADT/v22, ADT/v23
Map description WDT
Low-resolution terrain WDL/v18
Graphics / Models
Textures BLP
Models M2, M2/WotLK, M2/Cata, M3 for D3
Addition model information M2/WotLK/.anim, M2/WotLK/.skin, PHYS
Large models/map objects WMO
Shaders BLS, WFX
Low-resolution textures TEX/v0
Cache / Databases
Cache WDB, ADB (Cataclysm)
Database DBC, DB2 (Cataclysm)
tables, Vanilla, BC, WotLK, Cataclysm, MoP, WoD
Day-night-cycle dnc.db
Addons / Scripting / UI
Minimap description TRS
Addon Table of Contents TOC
Configuration WTF
Subtitles SBT
Lua, XML and more World of Warcraft API
Storage / Meta
Archives MPQ, CASC
File-verification signaturefile
Various formats Alpha, Cataclysm, MoP

Alpha / Vanilla
Liquids WLM, WLQ, WLW
Lighting LIT
Map database World.def

See Category:Format for all versions and formats.

World of Warcraft Memory Data

See Category:Client for all articles.

Thanks to

  • Adys
  • Archange
  • Chuanhsing
  • Cypher
  • Dreamhacker
  • Hergonan
  • Karliky
  • Kynox
  • Malu05
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for contributing to the wiki.

Blizzard entertainment for creating World of Warcraft.

Some of the information is retrieved from's and Sourcepeek's wiki.