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All time data is located within the time block. Time of day as it is shown on the watch (mouse over the day icon on the minimap) is locked to the apearence of the day. So 12:00 will bring midday while 0:00 will bring night. Changes to the time it self will be updated every tick (1min). While changes to the WorldTimeOfDay is a instant change and will force the timeofday to change too.


Memory Time Block by Malu05
Offset	Type	Description
0x0   	Integer	TimeInMinutes
0x4   	Integer	TimeInHours
0x2C  	Float	TimeSpeed
0x30  	Float	WorldTimeOfDay

Current offset to TimeMinutes

"", "diffrenceB2_TimeMin", "0x012D8B78"

Legacy offset to TimeMinutes

"", "diffrenceB2_TimeMin", "0x00c6fd30"
"", "diffrenceB2_TimeMin", "0x00E11AB8"
"", "diffrenceB2_TimeMin", "0x00c6fd30"
"", "diffrenceB2_TimeMin", "0x00c6fd30"
"", "diffrenceB2_TimeMin", "0x00DBDB08"