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Note: This page is very incomplete. Please add noteworthy builds!

Instead of listing all builds ever (see WoWPedia for that), this page will only list noteworthy builds in which format versions or other major changes happened.

Patch Build Notes
7.0.1 xxxxx DBC now obsolete, fully replaced with DB2
7.0.1 20979 PHYS/v2 introduced
7.0.1 20773 PHYS/v1 introduced
6.0.1 18179 Internal binary shipped (MacOSX)
6.0.1 18125 First WoD Alpha public build. Switch from MPQ to CASC
5.0.1 15??? PHYS/v0 files added
5.0.1 15464 New ADT file : obj1
4.0.0 12635 Streaming client
4.0.0 12??? ADT files now splitted in 4 files : terrain, obj0, tex0 and tex1
0.11.0 3925 Switch from MDX to M2
0.9.0 3807 Switch from WMO v16 to WMO v17
0.6.0 3592 No longer stores maps and WMOs in MPQ-in-MPQ files, first appearance of ADT/v18, switch from WMO v14 to v16
0.5.3 3368 First public build