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The PetitionCache.wdb holds basic information for guild petitions.

It is unknown if this file even exists apart from the client's own memory space. It doesn't seem to ever be saved.

  • Signature: WPTN

for PreVanilla ( client version.


Column	Field 		Type
1 	ID		int 	
2 	Petitioner 	int64
3 	Title		char[256]
4 	BodyText 	char[4096]
5 	Flags		int
6 	MinSignatures	int
7 	MaxSignatures 	int
8 	DeadLine	int
9 	IssueDate	int
10 	AllowedGuildID	int
11 	AllowedClasses	int
12 	AllowedRaces	int
13 	AllowedGender	int16
14 	AllowedMinLevel	int
15 	AllowedMaxLevel	int
16 	Choicetext	char[10][64]
17 	NumChoices	int
18 	Muid		uint