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The World\Dnc.db file in common.mpq specifies the day-night cycle. Fortunately, the folks at Blizzard were kind enough to label every data field in this file! It is most likely not of any use anymore. It hasn't changed in any way from 1.0 or even 0.*. The lights and therefore skies are defined in .DBCs.

This looked like info for outdoor lighting with respect to the day-night cycle. The colors for the different light types are self-explanatory. The XYZ coordinates specify a directional light source.


Offset	Type 	 	Description
0x00 	uint32 	 	nFields - Number of fields
0x04 	uint32  	nColumns - Number of columns

Field Descriptions

Next, nFields * 8 bytes define the rest of the file structure:

Offset	Type 	 	Description
0x00 	uint32 	 	Always 0x53, 'S' for string
0x04 	uint32 	 	Offset to field name (which is zero-terminated)


After the header come the actual records, each being nFields * 8 bytes in size. Every field value has this structure:

The file contains 24 records, one for each whole hour (Hour = 0 to 23, Minute = 0).

Offset	Type 	 	Description
0x00 	uint32 	 	Always 0x46, 'F' for float
0x04 	float 	 	Field value

Field Names

  • Hour
  • Minute
  • DayIntensity
  • DayR
  • DayG
  • DayB
  • DayX
  • DayY
  • DayZ
  • NightIntensity
  • NightR
  • NightG
  • NightB
  • NightX
  • NightY
  • NightZ
  • AmbientIntensity
  • AmbientR
  • AmbientG
  • AmbientB
  • FogDepth
  • FogIntensity
  • FogR
  • FogG
  • FogB