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struct TerrainTypeRec {
  uint32_t m_TerrainID;
  stringref m_TerrainDesc;
  uint32_t m_FootstepSprayRun;
  uint32_t m_FootstepSprayWalk;
  uint32_t m_SoundID;
  uint32_t m_Flags;        // &:1 Show footprints UnitFootprintNewSplat


Column 	Field 		 	Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 		 	Integer 	
2 	TerrainDesc 	 	String 		Type of ground 
3 	FootstepSprayRun 	Integer 	
4 	FootstepSprayWalk 	Integer 	
5 	Sound 		 	Integer 	Sound. Yes, this IS used. 
6 	Flags	 	 	Bool 		I guess, its footsteps or something as Sand and Snow have it.

struct TerrainTypeRec {
  uint8_t padding_0[4];
  uint32_t m_TerrainID;
  stringref m_TerrainDesc;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &SpellVisualEffectNameRec::m_ID> m_FootstepSprayRun;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &SpellVisualEffectNameRec::m_ID> m_FootstepSprayWalk;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &TerrainTypeSoundsRec::m_ID> m_SoundID;
    flag_have_footsteps = 1,
    flag_show_footprint_spray = 2,    // ?
  uint32_t m_Flags;