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≥ Cata

Column Field Type Notes
1 ID Integer
2 castTimeMin Integer Probably a cast time.
3 castTimeMax Integer Probably a cast time.
4 castTimeMaxLevel Integer
5 ClassID Integer On what class this scaling applies.
6 coefficient Float[3]
9 variance Float[3]
12 comboPointsCoefficient Float[3]

struct SpellScalingRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_castTimeMin;
  uint32_t m_castTimeMax;
  uint32_t m_castTimeMaxLevel;
  uint32_t m_class;
  float m_nerfFactor;
  uint32_t m_nerfMaxLevel;
  uint32_t m_maxScalingLevel;
  uint32_t m_scalesFromItemLevel;