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PreVanilla … Wrath

Does this correspond to FMOD_REVERB_CHANNELPROPERTIES in the FMOD api? (See SoundProviderPreferences.dbc)

struct SoundSamplePreferencesRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  float m_EAX1EffectLevel;
  uint32_t m_EAX2SampleDirect;
  uint32_t m_EAX2SampleDirectHF;
  uint32_t m_EAX2SampleRoom;
  uint32_t m_EAX2SampleRoomHF;
  float m_EAX2SampleObstruction;
  float m_EAX2SampleObstructionLFRatio;
  float m_EAX2SampleOcclusion;
  float m_EAX2SampleOcclusionLFRatio;
  float m_EAX2SampleOcclusionRoomRatio;
  float m_EAX2SampleRoomRolloff;
  float m_EAX2SampleAirAbsorption;
  uint32_t m_EAX2SampleOutsideVolumeHF;
  float m_EAX3SampleOcclusionDirectRatio;
  float m_EAX3SampleExclusion;
  float m_EAX3SampleExclusionLFRatio;
  float m_EAX3SampleDopplerFactor;
  float m_Fast2DPredelayTime;
  float m_Fast2DDamping;
  float m_Fast2DReverbTime;


Column	Field 		Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 		Integer 	
2 	Unknown 	Integer 	Direct? 
3 	Unknown 	NULL 		DirectHF? 
4 	Unknown 	Integer 	Room? 
5 	Unknown 	NULL 		RoomHF? 
6 	Unknown 	NULL 		Obstruction? 
7 	Unknown 	Float 		OcclusionLFRatio? 
8 	Unknown 	NULL 	
9 	Unknown 	Float 		OcclusionLFRatio? 
10 	Unknown 	Float 		OcclusionRoomRatio? 
11 	Unknown 	NULL 	
12 	Unknown 	Float 		ExclusionLFRatio? 
13 	Unknown 	NULL 	
14 	Unknown 	Float 		OcclusionDirectRatio? 
15 	Unknown 	Float 		OutsideVolumeHF? 
16 	Unknown 	Float 		AirAbsorptionFactor? 
17 	Unknown 	NULL