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This contains possible alternate icons for ingame mail. Its set in MailboxMessageInfo member #70 (+0x118). You can set a package with LUA:SetPackage(index) which is actually sent when you send the next mail. May only work for deliveries with items.

This is not used in the current client's UI and may be filtered serverside. In current emulators, this is just passed as unknown and ignored. (Note: This is the field behind stationary in the CMSG_SEND_MAIL packet).

Vanilla … WoD


Column Field Type Notes
1 ID Integer
2 Icon String Name of the icon displayed.
3 Price Integer This gets added onto the price for sending a mail.
4-20 Description Loc Name of the package.,

struct PackageRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  stringref m_icon;
  uint32_t m_cost;
  langstringref m_name_lang;