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List of mounts

≥ WoD


Column Field Type Notes
1 ID Integer
2 SpellID iRefID The spell id for casting the mount
3 MountTypeID iRefID
4 DisplayId iRefID DisplayId of the mount
5 Flags Integer
6 Name Loc Name of the mount
7 Description Loc Description of the mount
8 SourceDescription Loc Where you can get the mount
9 Source Integer
10 PlayerConditionId Integer

struct MountRec {   
  int32_t m_SpellID;
  int32_t m_DisplayID;
  stringrefⁱ m_Name;
  stringrefⁱ m_Description;
  stringrefⁱ m_SourceDescription;
  int16_t m_MountTypeID;
  int16_t m_Flags;
  int16_t m_PlayerConditionID;
  int8_t m_Source;
  uint16_t m_ID;