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struct LockRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_Type[4];
  uint32_t m_Index[4];
  uint32_t m_Skill[4];
  uint32_t m_Action[4]; // OpenAction


Column	Field 			Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 			Integer 	
2 	Type[8] 		Integer 	If this is 1, then the next lock_properties is an item ID, if it's 2, then it's an iRef to LockType.dbc 
10 	Lock_Properties[8] 	Integer 	If the corresponding Type field is 2 then this is an iRefID_LockType.dbc. 
						If the corresponding Type field value is 1 then this is the itemID of the key or item that 'unlocks' this item. 
						≥ WoD If the corresponding Type field is 3 then this is a Spell ID
18 	Required_Skill[8] 	Integer 	Required skill needed for Lock_Properties
26 	Action[8] 		Integer 	Something to do with direction / opening / closing. used in CGGameObject_C::IsValidOpenAction -

struct LockRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &LockTypeRec::m_ID> m_Type[8];
  uint32_t m_Index[8];
  uint32_t m_Skill[8];
  uint32_t m_Action[8];

Action Validation

m_Action is used to validate if the gameObject is eligible to be (re)used based on it's current state. This check is used in conjunction with the item/skill/spell requirements. This logic appears to be the same throughout PreVanilla … WoD.

bool CGGameObject_C::IsValidOpenAction(OpenAction action)
  GOState state = this->m_gameObj->m_state;  
  bool locked = gameObject->m_flags & 0x2;

  if ( state == GO_STATE_ACTIVE_ALTERNATIVE ) // destroyed
    return action == OPENACTION_REBUILD;

  if ( action == OPENACTION_CLOSE )
    return state == GO_STATE_ACTIVE; 
  if ( state != GO_STATE_READY )
    return false;
  if( action == OPENACTION_OPEN && locked )
    return false;
  if( action == OPENACTION_OPEN_UNLOCK && !locked )
    return false;
  return true;

enum OpenAction
  OPENACTION_OPEN        = 0x0,
  OPENACTION_OPEN_UNLOCK = 0x1, // mandatory unlock before open
  OPENACTION_CLOSE       = 0x2,
  OPENACTION_DESTROY     = 0x3, // mostly used by spells
  OPENACTION_REBUILD     = 0x4  // not seen in any DB

// taken from Trinity
enum GOState
  GO_STATE_ACTIVE             = 0,  // used and not reset (closed door is open)
  GO_STATE_READY              = 1,  // initial unused state (closed door is closed)
  GO_STATE_ACTIVE_ALTERNATIVE = 2,  // used and destroyed ([Blow Zul'Farrak Door]'s spell effect)