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Controls some of the settings which don't change with time for light, fog, and water.


Column 	Field 					Type 		Notes
1  	ID 					Integer 	
2 	highlightSky 				Boolean 	
3 	lightSkyboxID 				Integer 	This is a ref to LightSkybox
4 	cloudTypeID 				Integer
5 	glow 					Float 		This controls how much Fog gets added to everything (!) and is used in some places to make them look extra bright
6 	waterShallowAlpha			Float 		Controls how transparent the water is for lakes & rivers.
7 	waterDeepAlpha 				Float 		
8 	oceanShallowAlpha 			Float 		Controls how transparent the water is for the ocean.
9 	oceanDeepAlpha 				Float
10	flags					Integer

struct LightParamsRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  uint32_t m_highlightSky;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &LightSkyboxRec::m_ID> m_lightSkyboxID;
  uint32_t m_cloudTypeID;
  float m_glow;
  float m_waterShallowAlpha;
  float m_waterDeepAlpha;
  float m_oceanShallowAlpha;
  float m_oceanDeepAlpha;
  uint32_t m_flags;