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Controls the various values that are related to floats in .LIT files which was believed just to be the sky positions. There is 6 rows corresponding to every ID so take the ID*6 to get the proper start ID to look at it and the next 5 rows after it go along with it as well.

Vanilla … Cata

Number      Description 
0           Fog distance multiplied by 36 - distance at which everything will be hidden by the fog
1           Fog multiplier - fog distance * fog multiplier = fog start distance. 0-0,999...
2           Celestial Glow Through - the brightness of the sun and moon as it shows through cloud cover. Note that this effect only appears when the Sun or Moon is being obscured by clouds. 0-1
3           Cloud Density - Controls the density of cloud cover in the area. Value range is 0.0 to 1.0.
4           ?
5           ?


Column	Field 		Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 		Integer 	
2 	# of Entries 	Integer 	This is how many of the columns actually have data for this row 
3-18 	Time Values 	Integer 	Time Values from 0 to 2880 where each number represents a half minute from midnight to midnight 
19-34 	Float Values 	Float 		These are the actual values that correspond with the time value