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This is the starting file for what controls the lights, fogs, sky color, water color, and well other similar items. This information prior to 1.9 used to be stored in the .LIT files but in 1.9 was moved to Light.dbc and the other Light DBC files.

Light(skybox) with X/Y/Z 0/0/0 and inner/outer radiuses 0/0 is worldwide and overwrites default one, but doesn't overlap another, local and specific ones, it only transitions into them between their outer and inner radiuses.


Column 	Field 		Type 		Notes
1 	ID		Integer 	
2 	iRefID_Map	Integer 	
3 	position	Float[3]	X/Y/Z position of the center of light(skybox) sphere. To get them, spawn a model in Noggit on that place, get its X/Y/Z coords and multiply them by 36.
6 	falloffStart 	Float		Inner radius, where is only this light(skybox) present. To get this, take radius in yards and multiply it by 36.
7 	falloffEnd 	Float		Outer radius, in space between outer and inner radius is a soft transition from this light(skybox) to surrounding/worldwide ones. Again, yards*36.
8 	Sky & Fog	Integer 	standard -- These entries are all IDs in LightParams.dbc. (and in LightIntBand.dbc, LightFloatBand.dbc?)
9 	Water Settings 	Integer		standard underwater -- The different columns are for different settings. Water, death etc.
10 	SunsetParams 	Integer		stormy
11 	OtherParams 	Integer		stormy underwater
12 	DeathParams	Integer		death
13 	Unknown 	Integer		Only set for some entries in DeathknightStart, Northrend and NexusRaid. They have other values too!
14 	Unknown 	Integer		These may be for different phases.
15 	Unknown 	Integer		


pos.x = 17066.666 - pos.x / 36.0f;
pos.y = 17066.666 - pos.y / 36.0f; 
pos.z = pos.z / 36.0f;
falloffStart = falloffStart / 36.0f;
falloffEnd = falloffEnd / 36.0f;

For the record, the convertion above doesnt translate light into world coordinates(the ones that are used in wow net protocol). Considering x is at index 0 in position field, y is at index 1 and z is at index 2, the correct formulas would be

worldPos.x = 17066.666 - position.z / 36.0f;
worldPos.y = 17066.666 - position.x / 36.0f; 
worldPos.z = position.y / 36.0f;

struct LightRec {
  uint32_t m_ID;
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &MapRec::m_ID> m_continentID;
  float m_x; // (0,0,0) = global light, used as fallback if in no other light. If there is no (0,0,0) entry for a continent, use m_ID == 1 as fallback
  float m_y;
  float m_z;
  float m_falloffStart;
  float m_falloffEnd;
  enum {
  foreign_key<uint32_t, &LightParamsRec::m_ID> m_lightParamsID[params_num];