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≥ BC


Column	Field 			Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 			Integer 	
2 	costHonor 		Integer 	general honor cost to purchase 
3 	costArena 		Integer 	How many Arena "honor" points an item costs. 
4 	iRefID_RequredItem[5] 	Integer 	Items
9 	itemCount[5] 		Integer 	Number of item needed 
14 	PersonalRating 		Integer
15 	iRefID_PurchaseGroup	Integer		Lets you require an item out of the group.


new in cataclysm


All flags used in Script_GetMerchantItemInfo

Value Description
0x01 requires gold
0x02 requires season 1 currency
0x04 requires season 2 currency
0x08 requires season 3 currency
0x10 requires season 4 currency
0x20 requires season 5 currency