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≥ Legion

Column Field Type Notes
1 ID Integer
2 Duration Float How long the edgegloweffect persists in seconds. 0.0f means it does not fade. The edgegloweffect also fades when the aura expires.
3 RedBodyTransparency Float How transparent the red colour overlay is on the character. At values above 1.0f the outline effect becomes more intense.
4 GreenBodyTransparency Float Same as above but for green.
5 BlueBodyTransparency Float Same as above but for blue.
6 Red Float Percentage of red colour (0 to 1.0f)
7 Green Float Percentage of green colour (0 to 1.0f)
8 Blue Float Percentage of blue colour (0 to 1.0f)
9 Unknown Float
10 Unknown Float
11 Unknown Integer Usually 0. Rare cases of 1 and 2.