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Wrath … Mists


Column	Field 				Type 		Notes 
1 	ID 				Integer 	
2 	type	 			Integer	
3 	value 				Integer 	See below.
4 	fallback 			Integer 	1 for all but the default fallback.
5 	racemask 			BitMask 	
6 	Internal			String 		For internal editing only.
7-23 	Name				Loc 
24 	lockID 				Integer 	

type & value

The value here depends on the type.

Type			Value 			Notes 
0 	Animation	Animation 	 	BE dances, laugh etc.
1 	Spells		SpellVisual 	 	Frost Nova
2 	Hold		Seconds 	 	
3 	Repeat		Seconds