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The camera memory block is longer than documented here however im not sure where it ends. The first 4 Z,X,Y,Z apears later again in a "unchangeable" format (for refrence or config?). These offets are the only visible changeable values in the block.

Static Offset

Data For 2.4.1 // 2008 By Malu05
Static Offset for Camera (level 2 pointer): 
Level 1 = 0x00DD8FB4
Level 2 + 0x732C
CamZ is located 0x100 over Level 2

Camera Offsets

Memory CameraBlock by By Malu05
Offset	Type	Description		Aditional Details
0x8	Float	Camera X
0xC	Float	Camera Y
0x10	Float	Camera Z
0x84	int(8)	GUID			The GUID that the camera will follow. Is used when using Mindvision, Eyes of the Beast etc.
0xC4	Float	View 2 Distance
0xC8	Float	View 2 Altitude
0xCC	Float	View 2 Latitude
0xD0	Float	View 3 Distance
0xD4	Float	View 3 Altitude
0xD8	Float	View 3 Latitude
0xDC	Float	View 4 Distance
0xE0	Float	View 4 Altitude
0xE4	Float	View 4 Latitude
0xE8	Float	View 5 Distance
0xEC	Float	View 5 Altitude
0xF0	Float	View 5 Latitude
0X10C	Float	Camera Distance
0x110	float	RotX
0x114	float	RotY    
0x118	float	RotZ       
0x11C	float?	UpdownX			(Ignores Colission) (From $val to $start)      
0x120	float?	YawCam       
0x124	float?	UpdownZ      
0x128	int?	ForcedReturn   
0x12C	float	FOV			(Field Of View)   
0x130	float?	UpdownX 		(Accepts Colission) (From $val to $start)   
0x134		??
0x138		??   
0x13C		??   
0x140		??   
0x144	float?	DownUpX 		(Ignores Colission) (From $start to $val)
0x148		??
0x14C		??
0x150	int?	Scroll Smoothing	(Freezing this value makes the scroll Zooming "laggy")
0x154	int?	Scroll Zoom in 		(Freezing this value makes the scroll Zooming-in instantly "x to min")
0x158	int?	Scroll Zoom out 	(Freezing this value makes the scroll Zooming-out instantly "x to max")
0x15C		??
0x160		??
0x164		??
0x168		??
0x16C		??
0x170	int?	?? 			(reletated to scrolling)
0x174	int?	?? 			(reletated to scrolling)

camera by kynox

class CCamera
	virtual void function0(); //
	virtual void function1(); //
	virtual void function2(); //
	virtual void function3(); //
	char unknown4[4]; //0x0004
	idVec3 vecPos; //0x0008          This is just a normal 3D Vector, X,Y,Z
	idMat3 vecViewMatrix; //0x0014   This is a 3x3 Matrix. 9 floats
	float ID02621370; //0x0038  
	float ID025E7F40; //0x003C  
	float fFov; //0x0040