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The ArenaTeamCache.wdb holds basic information for arena teams you have seen playing the game.

It is unknown if this file even exists apart from the client's own memory space. It doesn't seem to ever be saved. -Apoc

  • Signature: WATM

for 3.3.3 client version.


Column	Field 		Type 		Notes 
1 	ID		int 	
2 	EntryLength 	int 	
3 	DuplicateId 	int 			
4 	TeamName 	char[96] 	
5 	TeamSize 	int		2, 3, or 5. The size of the team.
6 	BackgroundColor uint32 	
7 	EmblemId 	int 		The emblem # as used in Interface\\PVPFrame\\Icons\\PVP-Banner-Emblem-##
8 	EmblemColor	uint32		
9 	BorderId 	int     	The border # as used in Interface\\PVPFrame\\PVP-Banner-<TEAM SIZE>-Border-<BORDER NUMBER> 
10 	BorderColor	uint32